Hi! I’m Dina, founder of Scarlet City Events. My business is a very personal and passionate part of my life, and I'm honored that you are considering me to be a part of your event. Engaging with the right event planner is one of the most important choices you will make for any special occasion.

Scarlet City Events is a boutique business and always will be. I will be your main point of contact throughout the planning process and will be available to you whenever you need me. I also accept only a limited number of events each year so that I can focus on each individual client and of course have some time for my own family. Since 2007 I have had the privilege of designing, creating and delivering many lovely and memorable events. My passion, commitment, and eye for detail, puts Scarlet City Events in a category all its own.


Are all the photos on your site real events that you have coordinated?

YES! Although I love a well styled photo-shoot and have coordinated several, I choose to focus my time on producing actual events. Styled shoots are an enormous undertaking and require a great deal of time. Instead, I prefer to showcase what we have accomplished for our clients rather than what I can do in a controlled setting.


Do you offer set pricing packages or charge by percentage?

No and no. Every event is unique. Each client has individual needs and the time invested can be much different from client to client. I meet with each client individually to assess their requirements and develop a customized proposal based on their needs. Some clients are a blank slate and aren't sure what they want or where to begin. That’s where I step in to ask questions and help them determine the services necessary for their event.


Do you have references?

Absolutely! I am a big fan of actually talking to people. Online reviews are great but they don't always give a real sense of the client experience. I am happy to provide an extensive list of past and present clients and vendors for you to reach out and talk to. Let them tell you about their experience and what you can expect from us. 


How many events do you do each year?

The number varies based on the type of event and its size and complexity. Over the years I’ve been able to figure out my limits and understand that having a stacked calendar doesn’t always provide clients the level of service they deserve.


Our clients are the heartbeat of our business. It would be our honor to provide you with a list of client references and contact information from past and present clients. I'd love for you to speak with them about their personal experience with Scarlet City Events and what you can expect from us.